The Lost Scroll: A Play for Children


The Lost Scroll: a Play for Children

The Lost Scroll was written for From Egypt’s Sands to Northern Hills: John Garstang’s Excavations in Egypt, a project funded by Renaissance North West led by Dr Steven Snape and postgraduate students Gina Criscenzo-Laycock, Anna Garnett, and Claire Ollett from the University of Liverpool. This innovative project involved reconciling and researching the material from the Egyptian excavations of John Garstang in three North West museums – Kendal, Blackburn and Towneley Hall, Burnley – with the records and photographs housed at the Garstang Museum, University of Liverpool.

As requested, the play was written to be performed, pantomime style, by adults for children. However, plans changed after the play had been written, and it was eventually performed for the first time by the children of Dean Barwick Primary School, for an adult audience. This involved adapting the play so that it had a series of narrators, who could take over some of the longer speeches from the cast. Since that first performance, other schools have adapted the basic play for their own use.

A PDF of the Lost Scroll is attached here, and is freely available for anyone to use for teaching purposes. It would be lovely to be kept informed if anyone does use the play.

Click here to Download the PDF