Rutherford Press Limited

In 2004 Joyce Tyldesley and Steven Snape established Rutherford Press Limited as a specialist publishing firm dedicated to producing serious but accessible books on ancient Egypt while raising money for field work in Egypt.

Rutherford Press Limited also offers specialist typesetting and publishing services to editors and authors of Egyptology books and journals.

Donations from Rutherford Press Limited have been made to Manchester Museum and the Egypt Exploration Society. Currently Rutherford Press Limited is supporting the ongoing Ramesside fieldwork at the New Kingdom fortress site of Zawiyet Umm el-Rakham.

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Publications from Rutherford Press Limited

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Tales from Ancient Egypt – Joyce Tyldesley (out of print)

Stories from Ancient Egypt – Joyce Tyldesley and Julian Heath

A Shattered Visage Lies: 19th Century Poetry Inspired by Ancient Egypt  – Donald P. Ryan (out of print)

The Two Brothers: Death and the Afterlife in Middle Kingdom Egypt – Rosalie David. RRP £18.

Current Research in Egyptology 2008: Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Symposium, University of Manchester, edited by Vicky Gashe and Jacky Finch (out of print)

Zawiyet Umm el-Rakham I: The Temple and the Chapels – S. Snape and P. Wilson RRP £25.

Ramesside Studies in Honour of K.A. Kitchen – edited by M. Collier and S. Snape RRP £90.